Uber’s low ride fare prices to suppress Lyft

Uber is the most famous US based ride hailing company that started operating since 2009. Being the topmost ride hailing network across the globe, it has always been overrated by the media. The most overrated ride hailing network has rivals all over the world and it even poses a dangerous threat to the traditional yellow cabs. Uber has got attractive marketing strategies that would sure be an attention grabber. Though it provides efficient and effortless service, it is also the proud owner of controversies as well.
Uber is very cheeky when it comes to covering up the black mark that was previously caused by controversies and several charges. The US based ride hailing often does a lot of campaigns and pays tribute to nonprofit organizations and you know why! Recently, the US based ride hailing network reduced its overall and minimum ride fares to extend its service in remote areas. Uber’s smart aka cunning decision created tension among local taxi services and Lyft. Meanwhile, the company fetched more attention and applauses from the public and media as well.
Lyft is one of the Uber’s worst rival and it follows the same business concept as Uber. The Uber-inspired company was found by Logan Green in 2012 and it was an instant hit among the public when Uber was hit with controversies. But since Uber is good at convincing the public with its marketing strategies, it returned back to the race stronger than before. According to several sources, Uber’s sudden plan is to take down Lyft forever in the share market. Hope Logan offers his prayers and does something to give it a tuff fight!

UberRush the instant delivery services started by uber is now integrated with third-party applications.

UberRush is currently available in New York, San Fransisco and Chicago.uberRush has more than 1000 clients in these cities.
But now on retailers like Nordstrom have UberRush option in the checkout page so when a customer wants delivery within a day they can choose this.
Other notable customers of UberRush services are google t-mobile SAP 1-800 flowers and rent the runway.
The infrastructure advantage of uberRush comes in terms of the thousands of drivers registered with uber for transportation.
Though google has its own delivery services google express has integrated uberRush for its delivery services though merchand handling and prices are all fixed by google.
SAP is using UberRush for movement of products within its network other users of uberRush in this manner are Bergen logistics and trade global.
The customer may or may not be charged for uberRush depending on the choice of retailer’s choice.UberRush gets paid by the retailer and not by the cutomer in this case.The customers can track their package in real time on the application.
The cost of delivery ranges from $5 to $6 as a base fee to $2.5 to $3 for extra mile.The company also uses bicycle for delivery within New York City.
UberRush drivers undergo same application process as any other uber driver.UberRush is also planning to expand its operation in UK.
Amazon similar to Uber has also ventured into the delivery business.The ofrocery delivery system of Amazon is called Amazonfresh.

MetroAcess in taks with Uber for services

MteroAcess the paratransit service for elderly and disabled people in the Washington metropolitan area is planning to team up with transportation services like uber for sustainable transport.
The primary reason to choose services like Uber is the ease of booking the services through app, the cost of the service, number of people in need of MetroAccess and the huge range of vehicle availability with them.
The door-to-door service is now used to transit 2 million people at a cost of $121 million.90% of this cost is paid by local subsidiaries but partnering with other transportation services could bring down the cost by half in a decade. The number of people in need of this service has also increased owing to increase in population, to cater to the need of increasing demand the service has to expand.Uber and similar services such as lyft have a large number of vehicles on road for instant access.
Uber spokeswoman Kaitilin Durkosh said that uber would leverage its technology and would be interested in the partnesrship.This may appeal to the customers who are in need of prompt service and convenience.However there is a lot questions being raised on the accessibility of uber vehicles, the level of training of the drivers, the insurance coverage of the ride sharing vehicles.
In regard of these accusations uber has stated that all its drivers are trained well and the app is being made more user friendly by including audio option for blind people.

Ontario says yes to Uber’s request on coverage for drivers

The US based ride sharing company is the most popular and familiar transport network in many countries across the globe. Uber’s genius Travis Kalanick is planning to extend the service to many cities that solely depend on the traditional yellow cabs. However, several critics say the ride hailing company is the most overrated one in the industry. Sadly, people are not aware of Uber’s inside politics and the company is making crazy amount of money off its service.
Uber has always been requesting Canada to grant drivers for its operation across the country. UberX is a private car sharing service and it is 30 percent cheaper than local taxi services. The Canadian officials were concerned due to the fact that private car drivers are not commercially licensed.
Uber’s service would boost up the economy and provide job opportunities to people who are interested to make profit off their cars and spare time. It would also be a potential threat to the local contenders in the city. Ontario has approved Uber’s request and UberX would completely take down the yellow cabs in near future.
The Canadian government has stated the Uber drivers would be charged with fine if they do not possess a valid license. We should give it up for Canada for putting up people’s safety as top priority in the TO-DO list. Let us hope the ride sharing service Uber does well in Ontario and makes record breaking revenue.

UberRUSH launched for on-demand delivery service

The same day delivery program of uber called UberRush is collaborating with retailers such as Cohen’s fashion, optical and Hugo boss, Louis Vuttion.
UberRUSH is currently available in Chicago, New York and San Francisco.Uber has also launched API code to integrate it with the apps of the business brands so that during checkout the customers can choose the UberRUSH option for instant delivery.
Uber does not charge the customers for the delivery in this case and the retailer or the business owner has to pay uber by either charging the customer or absorbing the charges on its own.
The timing for the delivery of each order varies and when the recipient address is given the estimated time is calculated.
Spring the mobile shopping app is the initial platform Uber is using to test its services for selected brands.Some of the major brands which is covered by Uber now is Mack Weldon, Bing Bang jewelery.
And UberRUSH is not just for merchant delivery services it already exists for personalized courier services .UberRUSH alerts the receiver when the delivery is dispatched and the delivery can be tracked real time as the car services is and receive an alert after it is delivered.
The pricing for delivery depends obviously depends on the distance and the city. It is $5.5 in New York 6 in San Francisco 5 in Chicago within 1 mile.
UberRUSH is also planning to move into UK market with London being the first target.
The on-demand delivery is also present for food industry which is being operated under UberEATS

GST must for Uber drivers Australian Taxation Office declares

Uber taxi drivers in Australia have to pay their GST (Goods and services tax) as instructed by the Australian Taxation office (ATO).This means that the cost of ride would increase by 10% for uber drivers.
The drivers have been trying to avoid GST claiming that they were below the 75,000 threshold for GST applicability, but ATO has instructed the drivers to pay as they are providing “taxi travel” and are subjected to pay GST.
On non-payment of GST the driver is charged with a fine of upto $220 and payment of GST for services provided and intereset.
The Uber company was also questioned by the ATO over its tax payment, whether the company is paying the right amount of tax.The company has stated that its sends around 25% of its earning to Netherlands.Netherlands is where the company‘s parent office is located.
The company has stated that Uber operations are managed by the office in Netherlands, which after receiving the revenue from Australia will send back undisclosed amount back to the Australian office to run its operations.
Netherlands is the off –shore office chosen by Uber Netherlands has low corporate taxes.This same issue of tax payment has caused quite an uproar in UK on how such multi national companies were exploiting the tax regulations.
The Uber has moved the case to Federal court of Australia for removing GST for the drivers and on the way ATO has dealt with their case The Company claims that old territorial laws can not be imposed for technologically new companies like Uber.

Uber now relies on Nokia maps to reduce Google reliance

Uber is the most famous San Francisco based company that is making huge profit and posing threat to its rivals across the globe. According to statistics, the US based ride hailing company is worth $51 billion and has already pushed Facebook down the charts, poor Mark Zuckerberg!
Every Uber driver uses the help of Google map to reach the rider’s destination in time. The American ride sharing company has now planned to invest more than $2 billion to rope in Nokia’s mapping technology. Uber has had enough of Google maps and has now shifted its focus on to Nokia. Earlier in the year 2015, the mighty transport company partnered with Tesla to take over every self driving car it produces and the news have already created tremors among its rivals.
Uber partnering up with Nokia is a free publicity for both the ride hailing company and mobile network company as well. Lately, Nokia has not been doing well and Uber could be of great help for bringing back Nokia’s lost fame. Google map is so out of league and there are many clones out there in the industry but nothing matches up to the original.
Travis Kalanick is even ready to pay around $3 billion for roping in Nokia’s mapping technology. Uber will soon bid goodbye to the most famous mapping technology Google and we cannot complain about it. As long as Nokia serves for the ridesharing company, it is well and good for its users!

General Motors to invest in Uber rival Lyft

General motors invest $500 million in lyft in a joint program of devolping on-demand autonomous cars.Google, Ford, Tesla, Uber are some of the other major companies developing self driving cars.
Gneral Motors has announced that Lyft will be its preferred partner.Lyft drivers can now pick up cars from rental locations and drive for lyft.
Onstar services are also provided for Lyft drivers by general motors.Onstar services gives built-in WiFi and car health diagnostic services while driving.These services on Lyft will improve the customer service
Though being ranked 2nd to uber in raid hailing services ,Lyft is valued at 5.5 billion which is pretty much less than Uber which is valued at $70 billion.Nonetheless, lyft has globally partnered with three other raid hailing companies which make this partnership to cover 50% of population.
Uber has been no less in this completion it has opened its own sel-driving lab in Pittsburgh.The key to seamless self driving is the High Defenition maps which are being developed by Uber aggressively by Uber for x.
The key player in the autonomous driving is Google, the company is doing research from 2009 and has employees working on this project even before it officially declared it.Google is trying to launch this confined areas like college campuses military areas in initial stages.
Google executives from mapping division have moved to Uber recently.The staffing decision by Uber reflects on how it can be beaten out of market by Google’s self driving car and Uber is leaving no chance to beat Google in this.

Uber China raises $7 billion as funds

The US based ride hailing company is operating in many cities across the globe and it is also famous in Asian countries as well. The company has implemented a successful campaign in India despite being hit with several controversies. Uber is also looking to make unbreakable records in many developing countries with its new features. It has a lot of strong local rivals in the Asian countries and China tops the Uber’s “favorite Asian countries” list. Travis Kalanick’s $51 billion worth company could not entirely conquer the luscious mainland and it is because of Didi Kuaidi, Chinese ride sharing service.
Uber is figuring out plans to defeat its only rival in China and top up the record charts in every other city. It is operating in 22 Chinese cities and making over $1 billion but it does not see any growth in its market revenues. According to the critics, the US based ride hailing company is a dark web “black market” that is making millions of dollars off its innocent users. The influential support from the media and attractive marketing strategies make Uber superior to its rivals. The company has collected over $7 million as funds for Uber China.
The ridesharing company might do well and make good profit, but it seems to be an epic fail in several countries. Didi Kuaidi is the only rival when it comes to Uber China and Travis Kalanick seems to be very bothered about it! Guess, it’s time for Travis to take a deep breath and swallow a chill pill and figure out plans to overtake the locals’ favorite Didi Kuaidi.

The value of a ride sharing company Uber

Uber, the American ridesharing company has been in the industry since 2009 and it is now an inspiration to many startups in the world. It is named as the most valuable startup worth $51 billion after beating Facebook’s record. The company uses the concept of sharing economy and it poses a threat to full time professions. The sharing economy allows people to adjust the shift timings and make money off their free time, how freaking cool is that? But there is also a deep dark spooky side for Uber because it is known for countless charges and controversies. Some of them made headlines and others were buried as secrets with the help of influential power. Nevertheless, the media just couldn’t get enough of Uber and Travis Kalanick!
Uber was the first ride sharing company that went viral and a lot of people still prefer it to any other service despite the controversies and it is only because of its fame. It is a potential threat to the traditional yellow cabs that wander around the cities at late nights. According to a survey, Uber is much safer than yellow cabs whose drivers are accused of several crimes. Those typical “serial killer looks” that you get from the local cab drivers could give you chills down the spine. Uber ride fares are cheaper than local cab fares and every Uber ride is monitored unlike the traditional ones and it is time for the local cab services to say its final prayers!